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Greetings Crusaders!!!

Dear Students,

We are so excited to start this 2020-21 Online Learning School Year.  Please know that we continue to miss you and hope you are safe with your loved ones.  We know that this can be difficult time adjusting to your online schooling.  Know that your parents, teachers, and administrators are doing the best they can to provide you with everything you need to be successful.  We will be posting resources, providing you with some strategies or reminders to help you manage during this current situation.  During this time, we encourage you to stay positive and continue to do your best.  Remember that to be successful you need to give your 100% effort in your studies with no excuses.  

We are still here for you if you need anything or would like to talk.  Contact us via e-mail down below.

Let's have a strong start Crusaders!!!

Your School Counselors

“A person who never made mistakes never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

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